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Outbound Mobility – A Gateway to A New Outlook on Life and The World.


A sharing session with some of the students who have went to do their mobility abroad has inspired i-PUTRA to dedicate an article to our outbound student who had went for a short study abroad program. During the session, the students does not only seem excited, but they were ecstatic while recalling their experiences doing the mobility program. 


One of the students, Aida Azwani Abdul Rahim, a final year student from Faculty of Agriculture went to Sebelas Maret University Indonesia for a semester exchange under the Asian International Mobility for Student (AIMS) scholarship in late 2016; summed up the period of her study abroad as an ‘eye opener’ to her as she experienced serving unfortunate inland villagers in Indonesia. There she had the opportunity to utilise her knowledge to help the local community with her expertise. To her, the whole experience makes her feels attached to the country due to the kindness and politeness of the people there.


‘There is so much more to learn outside the classroom. I find love in Indonesian nature and Javanese culture. I am blessed with helpful peers and friendly local people which makes every moment there as forgettable moment.’  - Aida Azwani


Another student who is currently doing his PhD, Gooi Leong Mow, a PhD student from Faculty of Economics and Management presented his paper at International Symposium on Forecasting ISF 2018 in University Boulder Colorado United States stated that the experience he has gained from this mobility programme had helped him get a much clearer view and issues pertinent to issues he have identified in his thesis. According to him the short mobility experience opens another academic opportunity, new knowledge and he was able to experience the life in United States outside their portrayal through the mainstream media. The opportunity to study abroad and built innovative networking was a very valuable takeaway for him.


Gooi Leong Mow went for his mobility at University Boulder Colorado United States in June 2018.

Over the years, our university has sent thousands of students on an outbound programme and in 2017 alone UPM managed to send 1500 students to get an experience to study abroad using university allocated travel grant.  This is to provide an opportunity for student to get a new a perspective to life without limiting it to their academics. This programme also aims to enhance personal and intellectual maturity – through inculcating flexibility, resilience, cross-cultural communication skills, the ability to adapt to new circumstances, and to deal constructively with differences for the students. Student will also able to broaden their experience by living and studying abroad for a period of time.


Prepared by: Nadia Zawani Hussin


Date of Input: 08/10/2018 | Updated: 08/10/2018 | azlida_jamil


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