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Introduction to UPM Buddies Association

Arriving in a new country can be exciting, yet challenging. The Putra International of UPM specially organises the UPM Buddy Programme as one of a platform to ease the transition, with current UPM students helping new mobility students (inbound) throughout their program at UPM’s Campus.

Participation in the program is voluntary and the time that needs to be invested is expected to be minimal. This program does not involve academic mentoring. However, useful tips are definitely valuable.

What is UPM Buddies?

  • Buddy are current UPM’s students (local and international) at UPM who volunteer to introduce inbound exchange students to the UPM’s environment and Malaysian way of life.
  • Buddy act as peer support in finding ways to be well adjusted in the campus by sharing experiences, providing insights into university life, as well as responding to questions and concerns.

Buddies’ Objectives

  • To assist mobility students in acclimatizing to their new environment and surroundings.
  • To motivate and assist international students to build a cohesive university culture.
  • To be UPM’s mini-ambassador.
  • To encourage interaction and exchanges of opinion between international students and local students.
  • Help in becoming familiar with UPM and student resources.
  • Provide one to one language and cultural exchange.
  • Join in semester events and activities.
  • Offer the opportunity for long-lasting friendships.





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