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24, 25, 27 July: Jom Pecut GORO 5S 2018

SERDANG, 24, 25, July 27 - Putra International Centre (i-PUTRA) organized a three-day GORO 5S 2018 Jom Pecut program as an initiative to improve the environment and the external environment of i-PUTRA. Such programs are often encouraged by i-PUTRA to ensure that office space is in a conducive condition as well as to foster the spirit of the group, creative and innovative thinking.


Internal and external work improvements are distributed to all i-PUTRA staff. We divided our duties systematically where staff is divided into groups. Staff are tasked with removing and mowing grass and bushes, sweeping away all dead leaves and branches. There are groups assigned to paint the murals, walls and floors of the inside and outside of the i-PUTRA.

At 1.30pm, we all took a break and had our lunch. All the staff work together to prepare lunch and the main menu are fried noodles, chicken rice noodles and curry noodles. All those menus are mouth watering and compliment witn refereshing ice-tea to quench our thirst.

We finished our work by 5.30 pm. By that time, all of us were worn out. However, it was a worthy effort as the office environment look neat and tidy. A sense of satisfaction

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