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7 September: NISWP SEM 1 2018/2019

SERDANG, 7 September - The New International Students Welcoming Program (NISWP) program is hosted by the International Center (i-PUTRA) for two (2) days. The orientation program was held on 7 September 2018 (Friday) followed by a visit to Kuala Lumpur and around UPM campus on the second day on 9 September 2018 (Sunday).

On the first day, the program was held at the Auditorium of UPM's Faculty of Educational Studies. The program starts with a registration session at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. Program slots were focusing on providing an understanding of the administrative system, learning management, exposure to the rules and culture of the campus environment which is also the objectives of the program.

In order to achieve these objectives, speakers from various fields and backgrounds were invited. Invited speakers include Puan Enne Eligius from the Selangor Immigration Office, Sir Gunam Rasul Gulam Muhammad, from Selangor Police Headquarters and Mrs. Kamariah Derasol from the UPM Counselling Division.


Mr Rohimmi from the Faculty of Modern Languages ​​and Communications was once again invited to conduct a ice-breaking activity. Here, new students were taught a few words and phrases that are often used in Malaysia. They also participated in several activities such as 'Birthday Mission'.

NISWP this time was officially opened by Prof. Associate Professor Dr. Noritah Omar, Deputy Director of UPM International Center. In her opening remarks, Dr. Noritah also took the opportunity to introduce UPM’s background. He also took the opportunity to extend his best wishes to all new international students present.


Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academics and International, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Saripan was pleased to present the closing of the first day of NISWP. In addition to giving the closing speech, he also took the opportunity to mingle with the students who attended the programme. He described the arrival of new international students to UPM as an accurate decision, considering UPM's performance in the world's university indexes.

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