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[APPLICATION OPEN] Staff Mobility under ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) @ University Kazimierz Wielki, Poland

Staff Mobility under ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility (ICM)  @ University Kazimierz Wielki, Poland is now open for application. The information on the program can be found below.


1.    What is ERASMUS+ Program?

ERASMUS+ is grant under the European Union (EU) programme for education, training, youth and sports. More information on the grant can be found here


2.    Grant Target Candidate:

Staff Mobility for Teachers (STA)

The teaching staff member must be full time employed at Universiti Putra Malaysia for minimum 2 years while applying for the scholarship. Faculty members teaching in the following disciplines are eligible to apply for the scholarship:

i. Biology and biochemistry


Incoming Flows
Teaching Staff*
2 Teaching Staffs
5 working days + 2 travel days

Opportunities for Teaching and Administrative staff will be handled by the Global Engagement Section.


3.    Grant Information:

a.    Allowances : (per diem amount)

       Teaching Staff  : 160 €/day


b.    Travel Allowances

Travel Distances
 Between 10 and 99 km
20 EUR
 Between 100 and 499 km
180 EUR
 Between 500 and 1999 km
275 EUR
 Between 2000 and 2999 km
360 EUR
 Between 3000 and 3999 km
530 EUR
 Between 4000 and 7999 km
820 EUR
 8000 km or more
1500 EUR

Distance travelled can be referred here : https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/resources/distance-calculator_en

4.    Courses of Coordinators at University Kazimierz Wielki under the ERASMUS+ Program:

         i.    Academic Coordinator
5.    Application Period:

Staff Mobility Nomination initiated 07 September 2021 (Tuesday)

Staff Mobility Nomination Deadline to i-PUTRA 08 October 2021 (Friday)

Internal Evaluation Process by PTJ 11 October – 15 October 2021 

Staff Mobility Application Deadline to UKW 20 October 2021 (Wednesday)

6.    Eligibility Requirement for staff mobility:

Teaching Staff

Teaching mobilities is an activity that allows teaching staff to teach in a partner HEI abroad. Mobility of teaching staff can occur in any common area of study/academic discipline and should last for a minimum period of five (5) days and involve at least eight (8) hours of teaching. 


7.    Application Procedure for Staff Mobility:
i.    Candidates are required to submit the following documents a-f (Item e – Learning agreement, need to be signed and endorsed by the faculty). Should you require assistance in filling in the google forms, feel free to contact our officer, Ms. Ida Suhaila who can be reached via email at idasu@upm.edu.my.
a) Passport details page.
b) Curriculum Vitae using the Europass Format {http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/).
c) Certificate of English Language Proficiency / Letter of attestation from faculty regarding the participant’s English skills.
d) Letter of Motivation (maximum one page), explaining the reasons for the application, specific competences, academic interests, professional experience, commitment to return to the country of origin and benefits that the mobility grant will bring to the candidate and its context.
e) Staff Mobility for Learning Agreement (here)
f) Staff Outbound Form (here)
      ii.   Candidates will be evaluated accordingly. Successful candidate will be informed through email regarding the next process in the application.


8.    Disclaimer:

Please take note that a nomination does not guarantee scholarship to be granted to the candidates. 


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