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How to apply?


Interested students can download the following forms :

  1. Application Form for Inbound Mobility
  2. Mobility Student Programme Info Sheet
  3. Feedback form (inbound) 

In addition to the following forms, we also require additional relevant documents, which include: 

  • Recommendation letter from the home university.
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts (subjects/courses that have been completed).
  • None English speaking country please provide English language certificate or letter from lecturer about your level of English knowledge.

Closing Dates for Applicants  
UPM’s academic year is divided into two semesters. Students usually commence studies in either Semester 1 (September) or in Semester 2 (February). Student can start applying 3 months before the semester begins. The deadlines for submission are as follows:

Semester 1 (September): 30th April**
Semester 2 (February): 30th September**

** Refer to timeline for every semester 


Updated:: 17/09/2019 [sitiafiqah]


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