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ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS)

1)  Introduction

  • A.I.M.S (ASEAN International Mobility for Students) is the continuation of the Malaysia-Indonesia-Thailand (M.I.T) Student Mobility Programme following its successful pilot phase.
  • In 2010, the governments of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and SEAMEO RIHED launched a multi-lateral collaborative programme to promote student mobility in the Southeast Asian region. With strong support and contributions from the governments of the three participating countries, the pilot project was successfully implemented, and the expansion phase began in 2012 with the participation of Vietnam under a new programme name-AIMS. It has been ambitiously agreed as a short-term goal among the participating member countries that by 2015 at least 500 students will be mobilised across the region, with expanding fields as well as membership.
  • Currently, A.I.M.S is a combination of seven (7) ministries between seven (7) countries, namely; Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Japan and South Korea. 
  • There are 4 fields of studies offered for the AIMS Program at UPM, namely:
  1. Agriculture 
  2. Food Science and Technology 
  3. Hospitality/Tourism 
  4. International Business 
  • There are 4 main faculties at UPM involved in this AIMS Program, namely:
  1.  Faculty of Agriculture 
  2.  Faculty of Forestry 
  3.  Faculty of Economics and Management 
  4.  Faculty of Food Science and Technology 

2)    Benefits of AIMS for students 

  • Improved ability to operate in an international environment.
  • Develop personal and socio-cultural links with peers from other countries.
  • Generate a strong sense of ASEAN citizenship, as part of the readiness toward ASEAN Community in 2015.
  • Create on-going student networks— a great asset for the future.

3)    Application Process


4) List of partner universities (categorized by fields and universities)

5)  10th Anniversary Asian International Mobility fot Students (AIMS)




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