[CLOSED] PhD ERASMUS+ Grant In The Field Of Agroecology @ L'Institut Agro, France | PUTRA International Centre (i-PUTRA)

[CLOSED] PhD ERASMUS+ Grant in the Field of Agroecology @ L'Institut Agro, France

[STUDENT] ERASMUS+ Grants for PhD students from
Universiti Putra Malaysia to L’Institut Agro, France in the
field of Agroecology


ERASMUS+ grants for PhD students from UPM to L'Institut Agro, France in the field of Agroecology is now open for application. More information on the program can be found below.



1.    What is ERASMUS+ Program?

       ERASMUS+ is a grant under the European Union (EU) programme for education, training, youth and sports. More information on the grant can be found here



2.    Grant Target Candidate:

Incoming Flows
Mobility Period
Student Mobility
2 PhD students majoring in 
Agroecology / Agricultural System

12 Months
The mobility program must be completed by
31 July 2024

Priorities will be given to students from the Faculty of Agriculture, Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Product (INTROP), Institute of Plantation Studies (IKP), Institute of Tropical Agriculture (ITAFoS), and UPM Bintulu Campus.



3.    Grant Information:

       A.    Allowances for Student Mobility : Maximum of 700 €/month

       B.    Travel Allowances : Maximum of 1500 €


4.    Research Target Area the ERASMUS+ Program:

        Agro-ecological Transition of Agricultural Systems

5.    Specific Research Topic:

  1. Agroforestry.
  2. Circular Economy
  3. Social and Solidarity Economy
  4. Participatory approach
  5. Participatory Guarantee Systems
  6. Sustainability standards and certification

6.    Program Duration: 

 12 Months (Mobility program must be completed by 31st July 2024)

7.    Application Period:
 Application Deadline to L'Institut Agro : 20/01/2023 (Friday)


8.    Eligibility Requirement for student mobility:
       I.    Minimum CGPA requirement is 3.00 or Good Standing (postgraduate).
      II.   Candidates must have completed at least one semester (PhD student) and are not in their final semester.
      III.  Candidates must be studying full-time in UPM in order to be considered.
      IV.  Applicants who are majoring in Agricultural/Agroecology majors will be prioritized.
V.  Candidate must satisfy the English Language Requirement set by the Host University.
8.    Application Procedure for Student Mobility:
  1. Validate the mobility project with your thesis supervisor (you are requested to attach a letter or email of support from your thesis supervisor to your online application)

  2. Contact the host research unit and obtain its agreement on the mobility, state the period and the scientific objectives (you will be asked to attach a letter or email of acceptance to your online application)

  3. Prepare a letter of motivation to attach to your online application
  4. Complete the online application through the following link by 20/1/2023 (Friday) : https://international-mobility.institut-agro-rennes-angers.fr/en/phd-erasmus

    Note: Only complete forms will be taken into account.

9.    Disclaimer:

 Candidates will be evaluated by the host university upon application submission. Please take note that application submission does not guarantee a scholarship to be
 granted to the candidates.

9.    References and other information:

        PhD ERASMUS+ Grant @ L'Institut Agro, France Fact Sheet

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