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20 October 2019 : International Volunteers @ National Zoo

KUALA LUMPUR, October 20, 2019. Putra International Center (i-PUTRA), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) had conducted a volunteer activity at the National Zoo Malaysia. The volunteer activity was attended by 31 international students, 2 student representatives from the buddies association and 2 accompanying officers.

The objective of this activity is to provide students with an awareness on the volunteer activities that can be conducted and at the same time to raise awareness for the Malaysian flora and fauna.

Student registration started on 7.00 am by 7.15 a.m. they were headed directly to the National Zoo. Upon arriving at the National Zoo, a briefing was given to participants regarding the method to handle the animals while they are on duty along with  the safety aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Students were divided into groups based on classification of animals such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, reptiles and birds.


After a short break, the students resumed cleaning the enclosure, bathing and feeding the animals together with the zoo keeper.

The event ended at 12:30 pm and the participants were given some time to enjoy themselves around the zoo area. We hope that through this activity will enable students to gain a new appreciation towards nature and to give students an awareness on the protection of animals from extinction.

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