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15 April 2019: Exchange Staff from FH Joanneum, Graz Austria

In the month of April, Putra International Centre (i-PUTRA) received a staff exchange from FH Johanneum Graz, Austria. Welcoming Ms. Flora Bodrogi under Erasmus programme to our office for 3 days from 15-17 April 2019. The objective of the study visit is to give an exposure and insight on i-PUTRA functions, services and operations. During her study visit, i-PUTRA divided sessions into 5 slots (Administrations, Mobility, Visa and Pass, International Community Support Services (ICSS) and Global Engagement).



On the first day of Ms Flora, she been given a tour around i-PUTRA office and its facilities such as servicing counter, visa and pass counter, activity room, conference room and meeting room. Later she was been given an introduction about UPM, i-PUTRA and its achievement through our  corporate slides and later a session with mobility section by Mrs Saliza Mustafa (Head of Division) and Ms Nadia Zawani Hussin form Mobility section. Here is where Ms Flora understands the function and services of mobility in becoming the centre of students inbound and outbound at UPM. We provided services such as assistance from applications to visa and pass requirements, in addition mobility section function not only restricted to students' affairs but also inbound staff case by case. The first session end at 12:30pm and resume at 2:00pm,where we took her for a campus tour until 4:00pm.


i-PUTRA has 5 main section since early 2018, which operates various tasks and programme such as Visa and Pass, International Community and Support Services (ICSS) and Global Engagement and Visibility, Mobility and lastly Administration section. As i-PUTRA currently working towards a one stop centre for all international students, thus every section plays important role.  On 2nd day of Ms. Bodrogi visit, she has been exposed by various of inputs by outstanding sections. As we brief her our core section (visa and pass) functions and work procedure by the head of section itself Mr. Razif Abdul Razak and assisted by Mohd Syafiq Hariz for 3 hours. Continued session with ICSS officer, Mr. Muhd Hadry Abd Majid where he explains ICSS acts as a catalyst to help the international community of staff and students in their transition into life at Universiti Putra Malaysia. ICSS also provide staff and students with the information and assistance needed to help them to learn and adapt to the culture and the local way of life so that they will be comfortable in adapting to diverse international environment. Besides that, the section also offers numbers of cultural excursions for international community in UPM yearly.

Global Engagement and Visibility (GEV) were the last section in revealing its manoeuvre, lead by Mrs. Ida Suhaila. The section provides services such as coordinating international projects (custom-made project) such as International network of cooperation, coordinating special projects and assisting international delegation on a visit to UPM. For 2018, GEV has completed successful international programmes for Europe, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. 


On the final day Ms. Flora, i-PUTRA in collaboration with Faculty of Economics and Management were taking her to visit places that we often take our international students for orientation programme. Kuala Lumpur is a multicultural and vibrant city that is near to Batu Caves, Bank Negara Sasana Kijang Museum and Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers. This significant location is an education visit to illustrate the overall sight of Kuala Lumpur, a lively city with diverse culture to host future students from FH Johanneum.

The overall visit was a success and Ms. Flora herself shares many positive feedbacks and believe her future students would love Malaysia like she does. Through this, i-PUTRA hopes to give the best impression of UPM and Malaysia in having warm welcome for our international visitors and students to our country.




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