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22 July 2019: Oasis Buddies Jamboree 2019

WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN KUALA LUMPUR, UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA. Universiti Putra Malaysia collaborated with University of Malaya for a 5-day program for Buddies from 19 public universities which is the annual Buddies Jamboree, this year being “Oasis Buddies Jamboree 2019” with their objective and tagline “Shaping Global Leaders.”

Each University team consisted of 5 students participants and 1 accompanying officer from the respective universities. The UPM‘s Buddies representative were Mr. Safar, Ms. Fatima, Ms. Hannah, Ms. Aina, and Mr. Aiezat and they were accompanied by Mr. Syafiq Hariz Mohd Hanafiah, officer from Putra International Center (i-PUTRA) and Buddies Association coordinator.

The 5 day program started on the 22nd of July and ended on the 26th of July 2019. Various activities and programmes were held during the annual Buddies Jamboree 2019. The programme was concluded with the award giving ceremony in which the UPM Buddies representative, Mr. Safar and Ms. Fatima managed to win the titles of “Second runner up for Best T-shirt Design” and the “Best Female Buddies” respectively for the Buddies Jamboree 2019.

The programme managed to strengthen the linkage between the Buddies association from different public universities while at the same time, giving the participants an experience that they will cherish years in the future. The next upcoming Buddies Jamboree 2020 is set to be hosted by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

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