SUPPORT SERVICES | Putra International Centre (i-PUTRA)


The International Communtiy Support Services Section acts as a catalyst to help the international community of staff and students  in their transition into life at Universiti Putra Malaysia. We provide staff and students with the information and assistance needed to help them to learn and adapt to the culture and the local way of life so that they will be comfortable in adapting to diverse international environment.


  1. Providing the information required by international communities such as housing / accommodation / insurance / medical / schooling / driving license and others.

  2. Driving 'Internationalization at Home' activities for international students and staff such as Homestay Program, Spouse Program, International Awareness Week, International Food festival and others.

  3. Coordinate and monitor activities conducted by Buddies UPM Association.

  4. Cooperate with UPMISA and the Students Affairs Division in assisting on international students' welfare matters at UPM.

  5. Providing advice and facilitating counseling services for the international community, including expatriates.

  6. UPM Guest House Management.


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