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New Students

New Application for Student Pass

The Student Pass is a document issued by the Malaysian immigration department to a non-citizen to reside Malaysia for more than one (1) month, for educational purpose only. The student pass appears in the form of a sticker in the passport.

Applications for Student Pass must be made via the Ministry of Higher Education appointed representative, Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). There are FIVE (5) types of New Applications for Student Pass:

1. First-time/Returning Student Application

This is for a prospective student, or a student with an expired Student Pass, who is outside of Malaysia and still at his/her home country. These individuals need to apply for Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to enter Malaysia.

You should not apply for VAL more than 4 months before you want to enter Malaysia because the VAL is only valid  for 6 months. 

You must apply for the VAL through the EMGS website.

You must register first as an applicant through EMGS. After registration please choose your programme: full-time or mobility programme. 

How to apply for VAL?

  1. EMGS User Guideline
  2. Example Guideline
  3. VAL (EMGS) Fees Payment Information (full-time students). For mobility students the fee amount will be indicated at the bottom of the application page and is from about RM600 to RM1000.
  • The fees of EMGS will be determined during your online application. The fees may varied according to the country.
  • You are required to upload the full set of your passport pages to the EMGS online application.
  • The student also needs to pay a PROCESSING FEE (RM270.00) to UPM (it is possible to do so after arrival at UPM) and must bring the payment receipt together on submission of the passport for conversion to Student Pass at Putra International Centre.
    The payment can be made through CIMB Bank Counterr/ online transaction to the UPM account: 
    Account Information Account No : 8002155042 
    Bank Name: CIMB Bank Berhad 
    Account Name : UPM Collection 
    Bank Branch : UPM, Serdang 
    Swift Code:CIBBMYKL

How to apply VAL Flowchart.

What to do upon arrival to Malaysia Flowchart.

Putra International shall not be liable for the approval of student VAL. Approval is subject to the authority of The Immigration Department of Malaysia.*




All the documents must be sent in SOFTCOPY (Scanned) to in ONE FOLDER.

Kindly mentioned your details as follows :

Passport Number:
Course Name:

EMGS Apllication number :

Guideline date fro submission for VAL application:


 Registration Date Information :Semester 2 2018/201928 January 2019 – 8 February 2019Semester 1 2019/202026 August 2019 – 6 September 2019
Students who arrive in Malaysia with the VAL (Visa Approval Letter), are required to submit his/her passport to the Putra International, 14 days before the expiry date of the Social Pass in order to convert to Student Pass.
 Additional Information
  • If there is no Malaysian Embassy in your country, you may be eligible to obtain a Visa On Arrival (VOA) with your VAL. The list of countries without a Malaysian Embassy may be viewed here. On arrival in Malaysia, at the International Airport, you must approach the Visa on Arrival Counter and show your VAL prior to passing the Immigration Checkpoint. You must obtain a Visa On Arrival stamp inside your passport. Failure to do so may result in difficulties in converting your Social Entry Pass status to a Student Pass.
  • This VAL is valid for (6) months from the date issuance. You are advise to follow the guideline date for the VAL submission.However, if you wish to defer your registration, please be alert for the validity of the VAL. Once your VAL expired, you are NOT ALLOWED to extend the validity of the VAL. You must cancel the VAL and apply for a new one.
  • To cancel VAL kindly sumbit document required to Putra International


    1. Cancellation Letter from student - mention why you need to cancel the VAL
    2. Copy of VAL
    3. Offer Letter
    4. Defferment Registration Letter



  • Do not submit the passport close to the expiry date of the Social/Special/Permit-to-stay Stamp which you obtained from Immigration in your passport on arrival.
  • You must submit your passport to the Putra International Centre Visa and Pass Counter for conversion to a Student Pass at least 11 days before the expiry date to avoid paying additional charges.


2.) Progression Application

This case is for a student who has completed his/her degree (e.g. Bachelor or Masters), and subsequently wants to progress for further study to a higher level degree (e.g. Masters or PhD). The student must apply for a new VAL for the new degree programme.


Important Notes:

  • For new students, passport (new & old) must be stamped with a valid pass or visa.
  • ONLY 1st and 2nd Special Pass is accepted for all new progression student application.
  • For new students with 3rd Special Pass, it is required to apply for a VAL.
  • For a new student coming from another institution, with a status of Overstay from their under a previous institution, they are required to apply for a VAL.


3.) Variation Intra-UPM Application

This case is for a UPM student who wishes to change their study programme, within UPM, within the same level of study (allowed to do so for a maximum of two times only).


4.) Variation Inter-Institution Application

This case is for a new student from other institution who wishes to enrol with UPM, within the same level of study.


5.) Conversion Application

This case is for a student who is granted, by UPM Senate, to convert his/her Masters with Thesis degree programme to a PhD degree programme.



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