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i-PUTRA MAS Pilot Test Phase 1

SERDANG, 11 October – Putra International Centre (i-PUTRA), Management & Analytical System (MAS) Pilot Test Phase 1 has been conducted for UPM International Students Association (UPMISA) at visa and pass counter. This test aim to provide better solutions for visa and pass data management, analytics, validation and security. i-PUTRA in the middle of taking initiative to implement MAS and hopefully that by the end of October 2017, the system will be fully utilized.

i-PUTRA have received positive feeback from students representative of various countries. Based on the feedback, the average scale for the level of effectiveness of the system in regard to improve visa and pass process is very satisfying. Moreover, the students also satifsfies with the MAS system and few modification need to be made in order for the system to be able to perform well.



Date of Input: 16/10/2017 | Updated: 16/10/2017 | azlida_jamil


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