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Program Overview

  1. Program Overview (OUTBOUND)

    The UPM Outbound Mobility program is a program that enables UPM students to spend some time abroad during their study year. The outbound mobility program is a program that aims to expand the mind of the UPM students while at the same time, allowing the student to experience the different cultures and environments in a different country.



    The outbound mobility program offered covers from short-term Academic visits to Long term semester exchanges to various partner and non-partners universities from universities worldwide. The types of mobility are divided into two main types based on the program's duration. Beginning from 2020, to keep the spirit of internationalization alive despite the pandemic, the types of mobility have also been extended to cover various mediums of instruction, such as fully virtual/on-site programs and hybrid program




  2. General Eligibility Requirement

    For a student to participate in any outbound mobility program, the student must satisfy the general eligibility requirement set up by the host university and by UPM.  The general eligibility requirement for UPM students to apply for any mobility program are as follows.


    1. Is currently an active student at UPM
    2. Possess the minimum CGPA requirement of 2.75 (short term Program) / 3.00 (long term program) and above 
    3. Students must have completed at least 2 semesters in UPM and are not in their final semester
    4. The program joined need to be attached or held at a University.
    5. Have a good command of the English language.
    6. Have some level of proficiency of the language spoken at the host country*

    *Depending on the program offered by the host university, the student must also showcase a certain level of proficiency in the language spoken in the host country. This requirement will depend on the host university

  3. General Flow of Application

     The general flow of application for most outbound programs can be summarized with the following infographic

  4. General Information

    Here is some additional information that students will need to take into consideration to pursue their outbound mobility program.

    1. Visa Requirements

      Depending on the country and duration that you wish to do your mobility program at, the visa requirement might differ. Please consult the embassy of the respective for more information. The list of Foreign Embassy in Malaysia can be accessed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia's website. 

    2. Accommodation

      Do take into consideration that not all Host institutions will be able to offer in-campus accommodation for your mobility program. Students are encouraged to extend their research to look for off-campus residency as required. Often, the host institution will be able to assist with the accommodation accordingly.

    3. Finance

      Interested applicants should plan and arrange their finance accordingly before their mobility program. It is not advisable for candidates to fully rely on the scholarship or financial aid they received for their program.

    4. Navigating through your Mobility Program during COVID-19

      The pandemic might have halted the mobility efforts briefly. However, in ensuring the spirit of internationalization to be kept alive, various strategies have been implemented to overcome the challenges that have been raised. The introduction of virtual and hybrid mobility along with the reopening of borders worldwide with strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) are some of the strategies that have been introduced to ensure the mobility efforts can be rekindled. Here are some of the important information that you might need to know especially if you are looking to pursue your mobility program during the pandemic.

      1. Virtual Mobility Program
        1. Be aware of the time zone differences between the host country and the home country.
        2. Take note of the schedule for the virtual courses and any additional preparation required to join the program, such as any university-specific online learning environment. 

      2.  Hybrid Mobility Program & On-site Mobility Program

        1. Take note of the virtual/on-site study period for the program.

        2. Be informed on the rules and regulations along with the SOP that you will need to adhere to enter the host country and depart from Malaysia

        3. Apply for the appropriate visa

        4. Liaise with the host university regarding the quarantine arrangement

        5. Adhere to the vaccination requirement set by the host country and host university (if applicable)

      Students must take into consideration the mandatory quarantine arrangement that they will need to undergo upon departure and return from their on-site mobility program. Students can contact the host university or liaise with the embassy in the host country to learn more about the quarantine arrangement.

      Students may also refer to the following entities to learn more about mandatory quarantine requirements upon their return from their mobility program. Their website is linked below.

      National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA):

      Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM)  : /

      National Security Council (MKN):

  5. Mobility Opportunities

    Click here to find the list of all available outbound mobility opportunities for UPM students and join our Telegram Channel to be notified for new outbound mobility opportunities.

    Outbound Mobility Opportunities Telegram Channel : Click here 



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You are now ready for your Outbound mobility program! Come join us for this once in a lifetime adventure. For more information, please visit the following link.


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