Will i-PUTRA be operate during the MCO 2.0 (13 – 26 January 2021)?

Yes, i-PUTRA will be working through online (WFH) during the MCO duration.

Can I submit additional documents/ Passport during the MCO 2.0?

Yes, all students may submit for additional documents through Visa and Pass email at However, we did not accept any passport submission during the MCO 2.0 as EMGS/ Immigration will not accept these documents.

My Passport is ready for collection (EMGS status: 100%) and I have an emergency, can I collect my passport?

Yes, for those who have an emergency and need to leave the country during the MCO 2.0 may email directly for appointment by providing flight ticket itinerary. Please refer to our website and social media for emergency contact detail.

How can I contact i-PUTRA during the MCO 2.0?

Students who wish to contact i-PUTRA may email to or regarding Visa and Pass matters to

My student pass / Dependent Pass will expire in 2 weeks. Will I be charged a special pass if I cannot submit the application/passport during this MCO 2.0?

No, EMGS/Immigration will not impose to obtain the special pass. You may submit your documents/ passport once the MCO lifted.

How can I apply as an exchange student?

Interested students can download the Inbound Application form from our website  and attach the following documents:  

  • a) Acknowledgment of nomination from the home university.
  • b) Recommendation letter from the home university.
  • c) Certified copies of academic transcripts (subjects/courses that have been completed).
  •   and email the documents to or

    What is the application deadline for exchange students?

    Application is open throughout the year. For mobility semester exchange students normally official intake will be in February and September. Semester 1 (September) – 30 April Semester 2 (February) – 30 September .   However during current situation of  COVID-19 2021, the semester have been shifted to March (semester 1) and October (semester 2) and application will need to be submitted 3 month before semester begins.

    How many courses can/should I take?

    Since it is non-graduating programme, credit transfer may be arranged (subject to terms and condition) upon completion of the program. However, we would suggest for students to take minimum of 3 courses/semester.    

    What is the language instruction?    

    All courses are conducted in English

    How can I find a room?  

    For on campus accommodation, there is an option of UPM Guest House (based on availability) and dormitory (sharing basis).  You may place your booking or make enquiries to 

    How about travel and health insurance?      

    All mobility students must purchase travel and health insurance from home country prior to travelling UPM. If the mobility student is staying for more than 3 months in Malaysia, then they must purchase an insurance from a Malaysian Iinsurer. They can select the insurance from the EMGS system when they apply for the Mobility Student Pass.

    Do I need a visa/residence permit and if so how can I apply?      

    Participating students are responsible to obtain appropriate visa and entry documents prior to their departure. The Putra International Centre will facilitate the participating students on the documents required.   

    Can I get a scholarship?    

    We do not provide any scholarship for mobility student coming to UPM.

    What about financial matters?      

    All financial expenses should be covered by each student or home university.

    What program is available for UPM student to go abroad?

    Short Term Program (A programme with duration minimum of 5 – 30 days such as Summer School, visits, ) and Long Term Program (Consist of One/Two semester study abroad, Internship Abroad and research attachment up to 12 months).

    Can I go for semester exchange during the pandemic?

    This situation will depend on the country that you wish to go, your programme will also need to receive approval from the Student Mobility Committee chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academics and Internationals.

    Who can participate?

    All UPM students are eligible to participate in the UPM Outbound Program, however you will need to meet a number of requirements by the end of the semester in which you apply. Check for Eligibility for further information.

    When should I apply?

    Application must be made at least 6 months prior program or no later than 3 months prior program.

    How do I apply?

    To submit an application, please complete the following steps:

  • Check your eligibility
  • Choose a host university
  • Budget for your exchange
  • Contact an academic advisor from your faculty to discuss your study plan
  • Create a study plan
  • Complete an application form
  • Submit your study plan and application form by the appropriate deadline to i-PUTRA
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    Which host university is right for me?

    Choosing a host university is a personal decision that will depend on what you study, and what you wish to get out of the experience. You may find the following resources helpful as you research your host institution and country:

  • Academic advisers or staff from your faculty
  • Host university websites
  • Past and present exchange students testimonials
  • i-PUTRA Mobility officer
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    Do I have to speak a foreign language to study in a non-English speaking country?

    Not necessarily. Many exchange partners in non-English speaking countries offer courses taught in both English and the native language of that country. Please visit the host university web page to find out if they offer courses in English.

    How much does it cost to go on exchange

    While costs will differ depending on where you go, your plans and your spending habits, on average we recommend that students have between RM3000 – RM7000 per semester of exchange. Visit host university website for the estimated cost of living in your host country.

    What scholarships are available for students going on exchange? 

    There are a limited number of scholarships and grants offered by host institutions every year. However, ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) program’s scholarship which available every year (field: Economics and Management, Food Technology, Forestry, Agriculture, and Environment). Through AIMS students able to get scholarship grant up to RM15,000.00 (depend on country).   At UPM, there are other international scholarship made available (depend on MoU/MoA’s activation) such as MEVLANA Protocol and ERASMUS+.

    Do I have to pay tuition to the host university while I’m on exchange?

    While you are on exchange, you will continue to pay tuition fees to UPM. Most partners institution will waived the tuition fee at host university. However, some partner university requires tuition fee and please check with the host university on this pertinent.

    What happens if I go for a semester and want to stay longer?

    Exchanges can only be for a maximum of two semesters at any one exchange partner. If you originally planned to stay for one semester, but want to stay for an additional semester, you will need to inform our outbound mobility officer and state your plan.

    Do I need student visa? 

    It’s a compulsory, if you are going for mobility which the duration is beyond 30 days. The application and cost for student visa is borne by student and to check with the host university or embassy for further details on how to apply.

    When can I go on exchange?

    Applicants must complete at least one semester in UPM and not in a final semester during the program. You can study on exchange for 1 or 2 semesters. Most partner universities operate on a two-semester system with semester dates typically being September to December (Semester 1) and February to May (Semester 2).

    Can I study overseas in my last semester of my degree?


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