I have got an offer to study at UPM. How can I apply for a student visa from my country?  

Before coming to Malaysia, you have to apply online for your student visa through the EMGS website: A guide to filling the forms is given in Please note that there is no way to save the online application form information. The application must be made in one session, or otherwise, the website may log you out. Make sure that you give yourself enough time for the visa application process. The visa approval is expected to take approximately two months to process. The students may contact EMGS or our office for any inquiry they may have about the application process. For more information on the visa application process flow, you may refer to our website at

What is VAL?

All students studying at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) are required to apply for a Student Pass (student visa). Before being eligible for applying for a student visa (Student Pass), students must apply for an electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) through EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services). A Visa Approval Letter or VAL is a letter issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department when the student pass approval application is successful. An eVAL is an Electronic Visa Approval Letter which will be issued as a soft copy through the EMGS system instead of a physical VAL. 

What is the validity of the Visa Approval Letter (VAL)?

The Visa Approval Letter is valid for six (6) months from the date of issue. If you have not arrived in Malaysia within this validity period, you will need to reapply and pay the visa fee again.

What is a Single Entry Visa?

Single Entry Visa (SEV) with VAL reference is an entry visa required for selected nationalities entering Malaysia as a student. It is a stamp in your passport that the Malaysian Embassy in your home country issues after you submit your VAL. Please visit the Immigration website to find out on the list of selected nationalities who are required to have the Single Entry Visa (SEV) to enter Malaysia. Note that Malaysia Immigration Department (MID) will not issue the Student Pass to you without the Single Entry Visa (SEV) stamp from the Malaysian Embassy on your passport.

Can I use a social pass to study?  

It is illegal to study in Malaysia under a social/tourist pass. The university strongly discourages the use of Social Visa to enter Malaysia before receiving your VAL.  

What is Student Pass?    

Student Pass (student visa) is a document which is required for all international students when they undertake full-time study in Malaysia. It is an endorsement given in his or her passport while the student is studying in an educational institution in Malaysia.

How long is the student pass valid?    

The Department of Immigration issues Student Passes for a maximum of 12 months, or if the course duration is less than 12 months the Pass will be for the duration of the course.

What is a Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)?  

International students with a Student Pass will be given a Multiple Entry Visa. With this visa, students will be allowed to enter and leave Malaysia for the duration of the validity of their Student Pass.

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), EMGS will not be accepting any applications or passports (new, renewal, dependent, special pass etc.) until the 1 April 2020.

1. What should I do if I am a new student or my student pass expires between 18 and 31 March  2020?   EMGS will facilitate the processing of the student application beginning 1 April 2020. Students are encouraged to submit their document to i-PUTRA before 1 April for the initial processing of their applications.   2. What is my status if my Student Pass expired before 18th of March 2020?   You are considered overstay if your student pass is expired 2 days from 18 March 2020. 3. Will I be able to apply Special Pass during the MCO?   No. The Malaysian Department of Immigration (JIM) is also closed during this period. All services will only  resume after 1st April 2020. 4. I would like to defer my study for the current semester and my Student Pass is valid until September 2020. Since EMGS and JIM are closed during the MCO period, do I need to shortened/cancel my Student Pass?   If you have already received the Student Deferred Status and traveled to your home country during the MCO period, you will need to send a scanned copy of your passport with the stamp out page and the data page to our office as soon as possible for our office to cancel the Student Pass as soon as the MCO period is over. i-PUTRA will notify you when your Student Pass has been cancelled and you will need to apply a new VAL before returning to UPM. 5. I have a new passport (because my old passport has expired/old passport lost). Can I apply for a transfer sticker?   You can apply for transfer sticker after 1st April 2020. 6. I already have obtained a SEV in my country for this February intake. Due to Covid19 I was not able to register for the February intake. What should I do to continue my study?   You may obtain another SEV at the Malaysian Embassy in your country as long as you have not entered Malaysia. Regarding deferment of your academic program, please liaise with the UPM Admission Unit.      

I already have obtained a SEV in my country for this February intake. Due to Covid19 I was not able to register for the February intake. What should I do to continue my study?

You need to apply for a deferment of your academic program from UPM Academic Division or the School of Graduate Studies. You have to apply for a new VAL once your application for deferment has been approved by UPM.

I am a new student for the February 2019/2020 intake. However, before I can complete my registration process, I have to return to my country.  What do I need to do to resume my academic program for the September 2020/2021 semester?

You need to apply for a deferment of your academic program from UPM Academic Division or the School of Graduate Studies. Before you leave Malaysia, you will need to apply for Clearence Process with the Immigration and i-PUTRA will facilitate this for you. Once you are in your home country, please provide us with the exit stamp and your data page of your passport for us to update your record in the EMGS system. You will also need to apply a new VAL in your country once your application for deferment has been approved by UPM.

I apply for visa through EMGS and I requested 3 years but they issue me the VAL with one year only.

The authority to grant the duration of student visa is with the Malaysian Department of Immigration. They may grant the duration of the student visa between 1 year to the maximum duration stated in the offer letter.

I don't want one year because I will travel out of Malaysia and do my work and research from abroad, so it will be difficult for me to renew the visa very year and I need to come and waste one month or two weeks only for visa renewal.

Students need to renew their Student Pass (student visa) before it expires in order to study legally in Malaysia. If the student happens to be away from Malaysia and the Student Pass has expired for three (3) months or less, the student will be able to enter Malaysia with a Social Pass and apply for renewal once he/she is in Malaysia. However, the student has to apply for a new VAL if the Student Pass has expired for more than three months.    

How can I apply as an exchange student?

Interested students can download the Inbound Application form from our website and attach the following documents:

  • a) Acknowledgment of nomination from the home university.
  • b) Recommendation letter from the home university.
  • c) Certified copies of academic transcripts (subjects/courses that have been completed).

    What is the application deadline for exchange students?

    Application is open throughout the year. For mobility students normally official intake will be in February and September. Semester 1 (September) – 30 April Semester 2 (February) – 30 September  

    How many courses can/should I take?

    Since it is non-graduating programme, credit transfer may be arranged (subject to terms and condition) upon completion of the program. However, we would suggest for students to take minimum of 3 courses/semester.    

    What is the language instruction?    

    All courses are conducted in English

    How can I find a room?  

    For on campus accommodation, there is an option of UPM Guest House (based on availability) and dormitory (sharing basis). For more information, please refer to our website

    How about travel and health insurance?      

    All mobility students must purchase travel and health insurance from home country prior to travelling UPM. If the mobility student is staying for more than 3 months in Malaysia, then they must purchase an insurance from a Malaysian Iinsurer. They can select the insurance from the EMGS system when they apply for the Mobility Student Pass.

    Do I need a visa/residence permit and if so how can I apply?      

    Participating students are responsible to obtain appropriate visa and entry documents prior to their departure. The Putra International Centre will facilitate the participating students on the documents required.   

    Can I get a scholarship?    

    We do not provide any scholarship for mobility student coming to UPM.

    What about financial matters?      

    All financial expenses should be covered by each student or home university.

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