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Application Procedure

1. Application Process




2. Interested students can download the following forms:

       a. Application Form for Inbound Mobility

       b. Mobility Student Programme Info Sheet

       c. Feedback form (inbound) / e-feedback form (google form)


3. In addition to the following forms, we also require additional relevant documents, which include: 

       a. Recommendation letter from the home university.

       b. Certified copies of academic transcripts (subjects/courses that have been completed).

       c. None English speaking country please provide English language certificate or letter from lecturer about your level of English knowledge.



4. Closing Dates for Applicants:

    UPM’s academic year is divided into two semesters. Students usually commence studies in either Semester 1 (October) or in Semester 2 (March). Student can start applying 3 months
    before the semester begins. The deadlines for submission are as follows:

        a. Semester 1 (October): 31st May**
        b. Semester 2 (March): 30th October**

        ** Refer to timeline for every semester 


Updated:: 28/07/2021 [sitiafiqah]


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