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Background and History

The UPM Strategic Plan 2021-2025 (PSUPM) was developed as an effort to continue UPM's legacy of excellence as a continuation of the 2014-2020 Strategic Plan. It also expresses a continued commitment in ensuring that UPM has a high competitiveness in offering higher education services at the local and international level. 
In line with this mission, the role of Putra International has become more crucial to the university especially in the execution and implementation of the UPM’s internationalisation policy and strategy.
This centre is responsible to manage and administer various international related matters such as cross country mobility programmes; clients support services and welfare such as visa/pass management, accommodation, global engagement projects; as well as any other matters pertaining to cross-cultural issues.
PUTRA International Centre started in 1994 and it was known as Public and International Affairs Division. Since then, there were several restructuring processes involving the changing of names, functions and job scopes. It was first known as Corporate Communications and International Division (2001), then International Relations Division (2002) and later, the International Centre (2009).
In 2011, the international portfolio has been reorganised and handled by UPM International Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary company under the UPM Holding, the private arm of the university.  However in 2013, for a better administration and supervision of international related matters, this portfolio was returned to UPM and managed by an office know as International Division (March 2013). Following the implementation of PG 200 strategy, this office underwent some improvisation and was rebranded as Putra International in May 2014. 



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