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12 Oktober 2019 : Mobility Students UPM are kayaking @ Tasik Putrajaya

PUTRAJAYA, October 12, 2019. Putra International Center (i-PUTRA), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) had organized a recreational activity for international students. The recreational activity; kayaking was held at the Putrajaya Lake Club and it was attended by 16 international students, 2 representative from the buddies association along with 2 accompanying staff.

This half-day program were also packed with exciting activities such as kayaking, solo kayaking and mini marathons. The program began with safety briefings given by the trainer and was followed by an introductory theory class on the different types of kayak and canoe, type of pedals, and equipment needed during kayaking. Participants were also given the opportunity to see and experience the different kinds of kayaks that are used in international kayak sports.

One of the Phd student who joined the program, Mina Balouchi's from Iran, said that through this program, it gave her the chance to experience kayaking activities and she wish that such activities could be continued as they were good for mental health.

"This activity is so exciting and so much fun. If I have the opportunity, I would love to go kayaking every week. ”she said.




Upon the completion of the event, participants received a certificate of appreciation from the Putrajaya Lake Club for successfully completing the basic kayak module. We hoped that through this activity, it will provide opportunities for students to engage in more recreational activities to fill their free time with.


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