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Greetings to Prof. Dr. Alyani Ismail: Embarking on a New Journey at i-PUTRA

SERDANG, 1 April—The i-PUTRA team is thrilled to welcome Prof. Dr. Alyani Ismail, the newly appointed and commenced director, beginning April 1, 2024. Prof. Dr. Alyani brings extensive experience and expertise to propel the organisation towards success.

Prof. Dr. Alyani, a distinguished professor, has served UPM since 2006. Throughout her civil service career, she was appointed to several administration positions. She also served as Deputy Director (Teaching and Learning Innovation) at the Centre for Academic Development (CADe), UPM, from 2012 to 2018. Prof. Dr. Alyani is also recognised nationally for her broad knowledge of professional qualifications.

In the first meeting with her, Prof. Dr. Alyani mentioned she is honoured and motivated to take the role of Director of i-PUTRA. She is also keen to facilitate i-PUTRA towards digital transformation to provide better services to UPM international students.

With her remarkable profile, i-PUTRA is poised about the new viewpoint and confident she will bring fresh approaches to enrich the organisation’s efficiency. Again, welcome aboard Prof. Dr. Alyani Ismail!


Date of Input: 08/04/2024 | Updated: 08/04/2024 | sh_najiyah


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