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Beyond Borders: Heartfelt Farewell to the Inbound Mobility Students

SERDANG, 19 January - On the 19 of January 2024, i-PUTRA hosted a heartwarming
event to bid farewell to the mobility inbound students who have made it through their
studies in UPM and completed their inbound mobility programme. A total of 161
students from 17 countries including Indonesia, Germany, Japan, and China attended
this celebratory event which was held at Lanai Asmara, Putrajaya.

This joyous event commenced at 8.30 p.m. with a grand parade entrance featuring the
VIPs who escorting a “bride and groom” and Professor Dr. Ismi Arif Ismail, Deputy Vice
Chancellor (Academic and International) took part in the tepung tawar ceremony,
symbolising to bless the bride and groom. Then, Professor Dr. Suhaimi Ab Rahman, the
Director of i-PUTRA gives his warm welcoming speech. In the speech, Professor Suhaimi
expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the students who have travelled from
across the globe to pursue their semester exchange at UPM. He also takes the
opportunity to briefly explain on theme chosen for the event which is the Malay
traditional wedding reception. The theme was chosen to symbolised individuals who
embarked on a new journey and celebrate the bonds they have created during their
journey at UPM.

The event was held to recognise the students’ accomplishments and extraordinary-
beautiful-journey at UPM. A certificate-giving ceremony was held to celebrate the
students’ completion of their inbound mobility semester exchange. Also, a student from
the Philippines and Japan took the opportunity to share the experiences and sweet
memories they gathered during the sharing session.
In closing, the event concluded successfully. Despite their brief stay in Malaysia, at UPM
especially, the inbound mobility programme left an indelible mark on their hearts. They
bid farewell to their newfound friend in tears. Despite the different continents and
cultural backgrounds, they have forged a strong bond here in UPM. It is hoped that the
time they had in UPM remains as unforgettable chapter of their lives.

Date of Input: 31/01/2024 | Updated: 31/01/2024 | aimanshahir


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