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Kick Starting EKSA practices at i-PUTRA

13th January 2023, Putra International Centre UPM- Welcoming the arrival of the new year, i-PUTRA took the initiative to organize a New Year Spring Cleaning event while awaiting the completion of the Putra International Centre main office building renovation. This programme was organized in line with the Conducive Public Ecosystem (EKSA) practices which have been practiced by i-PUTRA. 

The programme focuses on cleaning the interior and exterior of the office by weeding out the grass and clearing the drain for blockage, organizing the recycling area, and picking up trash around the office area.



 Promotional poster for the spring-cleaning program which was relayed in the i-PUTRA internal communication medium. 

The programme was joined by all staff members of i-PUTRA and was also joined by one of the international students who  just happened to pass by. The international student from Bangladesh, who happened to drop by the office, decided to lend  her hand together with the i-PUTRA Team members in uprooting the overgrown weed growing in between the bricks. 

Through these spring-cleaning efforts, we hope that it will provide the i-PUTRA clients with a more conducive and comfortable environment moving forward. We also hope that this effort will also improve staff morale through this programme.



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