Being a government servant is not only to serve the people but also to participate in corporate social responsibility such as giving food to people.

Image: Abu is giving a tutorial on packing taufufa



Image: The end result of packing taufufa



Image: Our staff Hadry is giving taufufa to expatriate workers in UPM


Image: Vice-Chancellor is giving taufufa drive-thru


The first image showed iPutra Abu (staff) teaching the rest of the staff about preparing taufufa. The taufufa includes the sugar and tofu itself. Taufufa is actually popular during Ramadhan as it is sweet as a dessert after the main meal. We distributed 1000 packs of taufufa to the students and also UPM staff. It was significantly merrier when the vice-chancellor himself distributed the taufufa drive-thru as a symbolic beginning of food drive-thru distribution. Apart from that, it is also a good bonding experience among the staff as we were together preparing taufufa. Although we were exhausted at the end of the day, we were satisfied to see people that received our taufufa were happy.


iPutra plans to distribute food every Friday of Ramadan month. “We will also distribute soy drinks by next week” - Madam Raihan, Administrative Head.


The second series involves soy drinks for the UPM community.


Image: iPutra staff preparing soy drive-thru


Product-based soy is our mission for drive-thru soy this year. Although it was raining throughout the event, it was rewarding for staff to give away the soy. The packing was done at 3.45 pm and distribution was made at 4.00 pm. We managed to finish the distribution only 30 minutes after we started. Joining us during the soy drive-thru were our director and deputy director.


Image: Director of iPutra giving soy drive-thru



Image: Soy packing and preparing



The third series is the finale of Ramadhan drive-thru. We were requested to make another taufufa drive-thru. We heard our customer request, request granted, we made another drive-thru taufufa with the paper bag as an alternative to the use of the plastic bag. The process starts with packing the taufufa in a round container with an iPutra sticker. After that, we proceed to the distribution which starts at 4:00 pm. We were challenged again by heavy rain during distribution but it was not a problem for us because we finished the giveaway within 30 minutes.




Image: iPutra staff packing taufufa


Image: iPutra staff bringing taufufa to distribution at drive-thru


We also give our taufufa to immigration Malaysia as they are very cooperative with us, especially on our international student special pass.


We would like to thank everyone, especially our staff for making the event successful and meaningful throughout Ramadhan month.


Image: Immigration received taufufa from iPutra


Image: Taufufa distribution at immigration



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