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i-PUTRA with Community Programme (Ramadhan)

Ramadhan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar. It is time of rewards where all Muslims race to perform good deeds and abstain from bad habits. In this month of Mercy, the rewards of good deeds are multiplied. Hence, to honour the holy month of Ramadhan, i-PUTRA took the opportunity to share and give back to the people. 


A government servant does not only serve the people, but also participates in corporate social responsibility initiatives. It is with this spirit that i-PUTRA decided to share the joy and love of Ramadhan by giving soy-based product every Friday in this holy month. i-PUTRA is also motivated by aspiration 8 in the Vice-Chancellor’s narrative i.e to care immensely and appreciate service, strengthen humanitarian missions to add value to the university and staff in serving the community and intensifying UPM's visibility. 


In the first week of Ramadhan, i-PUTRA distributed 1000 packs of taufufa to UPM students and staff.  We are honoured as the Vice-Chancellor himself distributed the taufufa to mark the beginning of i-PUTRA with Community Programme. Taufufa is one of the in-demand desserts during Ramadhan for its sweet taste and silky texture. It is a traditional Chinese dessert made from soybean also known as tofu pudding and served with sweet syrup. You can have it either chilled or warm. 


It was a first-time experience for most of us. We have never prepared, let alone cook taufufa.  However, with the guidance from Mr. Abu, we were able to get the taufufa done on time as the distribution started at 4 p.m. It was such a remarkable experience. Apart from that, it was also a good bonding experience among the staff as we did everything together.  Although we were exhausted at the end of the day, the feeling disappeared the moment we saw the smiling and grateful faces of people who received our taufufa. 


For the second series of i-PUTRA with Community, we distributed another 1000 cups of soybean milk to the UPM community. The Director and Deputy Director of i-PUTRA joined us to distribute the soybean milk. It was pouring heavily throughout the event, and we were completely soaked but we managed to distribute all the soybean milk via drive-through. On that day, we started the preparation before cook at 12 noon and finished packing at 3.45 pm. Distribution started at 4 p.m. and we managed to distribute everything within 30 minutes 


The finale series of i-PUTRA with Community for Ramadhan was when we were requested to make another round of taufufa.  The final part of the i-PUTRA with Community Programme fell on 22 April 2022 which also happens to be Earth Day. The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet”. Hence, in conjunction with Earth Day, the taufufa were packed in paper bags because they are eco-friendly and recyclable. We experienced another heavy downpour episode during this finale series, but despite this, we were happy and beyond thankful that we managed to complete the series successfully. We did not forget those who assisted us in managing our international students.  Thus, we distributed the taufufa to the Immigration Department of Malaysia as they have always been very cooperative, especially in dealing with our international students’ special pass.

To summarise, we were grateful that all the events went smoothly, and everyone gave their very best to make the i-PUTRA with Community Programme successful. May Allah accept our good deeds and reward us in a manner He knows best.


Updated:: 14/10/2022 [sitiafiqah]