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Program Overview

  1. Program Overview (INBOUND)

    The UPM Inbound Mobility programme is a programme that enables international students to spend some time in Malaysia during their study year. The inbound mobility programme is a program that was created to provide international students around the globe the experience of studying in one of the top research universities in Malaysia and Asia while at the same time enjoying the exotic and unique cultural diversity of the country located in the heart of Asia and experiencing the amazing gastronomic experience unlike no other. 


    The inbound mobility programme covers from short term academic visits to long term semester exchanges and were welcomed international students from various partner and non-partners worldwide universities. We also provide programmes that offer credit transfer under the inbound exchange semester programme. Beginning from 2020, to keep the spirit of internationalization alive despite the pandemic, the types of mobility have also been extended to cover various mediums of instruction, such as fully virtual/on-site programs and hybrid program





  2. General Eligibility Requirement

    In order for a student to participate in any inbound mobility program, the student must satisfy the general eligibility requirement set up by UPM.  The general eligibility requirement for international students to apply for any mobility programme are as follows.


    1. Is currently an active full-time student at their home university.
    2. Minimum CGPA of 3.00
    3. Students must have completed at least 1 semester in their home university.
    4. Have a good command of the English language in both speaking and writing.* 
    5. Agree to abide by the UPM’s Rule and Regulation and pay any cost incurred during the mobility program. 

      *For Korean students applying for semester exchange at the Faculty of Science and Food Technology, you are required to obtain a minimum of Band 6.0 for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or a minimum of 700 marks in total for the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)

  3. General Flow of Application

     The general flow of application for most inbound programs can be summarized with the following infographic. 

    The UPM Inbound Semester exchange program is divided into two intakes which is the First Semester (beginning in October) and the Second semester (beginning in March). The application period for these intakes generally follows the following dates.

    Activity   First Semester
    (October Intake)
     Second Semester
    (March Intake)
    Application Deadline to UPM 31st May  31st October
    Expected Date of Arrival to UPM At least 2 weeks before the semester begins At least 2 weeks before the semester begins
    Registration Date in UPM October
    (Date is subject to change)
    (Date is subject to change)
    Lecture Duration 14 Weeks 14 Weeks
    Mid-Semester Break 1 Week 1 Week
    Final Examination 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
    Inter-semester / Final Semester Break 3 Weeks 11 Weeks

  4. General Information

    Here is some additional information that students will need to take into consideration to pursue their inbound mobility program at UPM

    1. Visa Requirements

      Students will need to apply for a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to enter Malaysia which can be applied through the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). The visa application procedure can be accessed through the EMGS website at


    2. On-campus Accommodation

      UPM does offer on-campus accommodation that can be booked for mobility students. However the availability of the on-campus accommodation is strictly based on first come first serve basis. For more information on these accommodations you may visit the following website. 

       *If you would like to stay at any UPM College, you will need to contact or to book your place at the UPM College.

    3. Navigating through your Mobility Program during COVID-19

      The pandemic might have halted the mobility efforts briefly. However, in ensuring the spirit of internationalization to be kept alive, various strategies have been implemented to overcome the challenges that have been raised. The introduction of virtual and hybrid mobility along with the reopening of borders worldwide with strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) are some of the strategies that have been introduced to ensure the mobility efforts can be rekindled. Here are some of the important information that you might need to know especially if you are looking to pursue your mobility program during the pandemic.

      1. Virtual Mobility Program
        1. Be aware of the time zone differences between your home country and UPM.
        2. Take note of the schedule for the virtual courses and any additional preparation required to join the program, such as any UPM specific online learning environment. 

      2.  Hybrid Mobility Program & On-site Mobility Program

        1. Take note of the virtual/on-site study period for the program.

        2. Be informed on the rules and regulations along with the SOP that you will need to adhere to enter Malaysia

        3. Apply for the appropriate visa

        4. Adhere to the vaccination requirement set. (if applicable)

      Students will need to take into consideration the mandatory Malaysian quarantine arrangement managed by the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) upon their arrival in Malaysia. Please be informed that as of present, the quarantine arrangement for any international traveller to Malaysia is solely managed by NADMA.

      Students may also refer to the following entities to learn more about the mandatory quarantine requirements upon their arrival to Malaysia through the following government entities.

      National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA):

      Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM)  : /

      National Security Council (MKN):

  5. List of courses offered 

    The list of courses offered in UPM can be found in the Study Programme Handbook by Faculty. However, please take note that the list of courses offered is subject to change depending on availability.

  6. Inbound Semester Exchange Mobility Application Timeline. 

    The application timeline for the First semester 2022/2023 can be found below. 

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