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Engagement session with the Registrar’s office

25th January 2023,  i-PUTRA welcomes the representative from the Registrar’s Office for an engagement. The programme was attended by the Registrar, Mr. Muhazam Bin Mansor, The Section Head of the Human Resource Development Department, Mr. Azizi bin Ismail, and staff from the Registrar office.

The engagement session began with a short presentation given by Prof Dr Suhaimi Ab Rahman, the Director of Putra International Centre (i-PUTRA). In the short presentation, Prof Dr Suhaimi took the opportunity to introduce the history of i-PUTRA and the vision and mission of i-PUTRA in supporting UPM’s mission to become a university of international repute. 


Following the short presentation, the Head of i-PUTRA, Madam Noraihan Noordin took the opportunity to highlight some of the matters pertaining to the human resources situation at i-PUTRA which prompted a discussion with the registrar, Mr. Muhazam.


During this session, the Registrar also expressed their hope to pursue future cooperation with i-PUTRA to provide opportunities for UPM non-academic staff to participate in outbound staff mobility exchange abroad under the staff training scheme at the registrar’s office. This suggestion is welcomed by i-PUTRA as it is an initiative that i-PUTRA has initiated in 2022 by sending two non-academic staff from i-PUTRA for staff training overseas back in 2022. Mr. Azizi also took this opportunity to provide more information and insight regarding matters related to staff training and some other relevant information related to HRD. 


The engagement session ended at 3.30 p.m. after a short Q&A Session and concluded with a short gift-giving ceremony for the representatives from the Registrar’s Office. 


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