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#BAUSnackPack which stands for Buddies Association UPM Snack Pack is known as one of the essential procedure in getting acquainted with new International buddies. #BAUSnackPack is basically a little snack pack that is prepared by the local buddies for the International buddies. The content of these packs is snack that is chosen personally by the Local Buddies that will be gifted to their international buddies. #BAUSnackPack content can be obtained from places such as markets, food stalls, or even can be prepared on your own. 

When two people are acquainted, the first meeting might not as easy as we expected, moreover during the process of breaking the ice. The presence of #BAUSnackPack can help us to initiate a conversation. This will healp in leading the conversation towards activities that we wish to do like hang-outs , visits or any activities of that sort. As some people are more reserved than the other, or even introverted, having  #BAUSnackPack acts as a crucial tool for both party to overcome communication bariers and culture shocks allowing them to talk comfortably on issues like adapting to the social environment in UPM and Malaysia.

Speaking for my own experience, I normally get the snacks from the snack stalls that used to sell the Malaysian snacks of different races and ethnics. The snacks I usually pick would be Muruku Ikan(Fish Cips) or Kerepek Ubi(Tapioca chips) that are savoury and crunchy as these snacks are my favourite snacks. Most importantly, these two snacks is not top with spices or spicy powder, as what I know, not every International buddies will prefer the spicy food or at least can succumb to them.  

Before presenting my #BAUSnackPack to my International Buddies, I would always label the snacks as #BAUSnackPack as a token of welcome in which it also represent the heartfelt greetings from Buddies Association UPM . Upon the very first meet up, I would definitely take some photos of #BAUSnackPack with International buddies as a term of etiquette and manners of welcoming, also making them to feel comfortable and loved in my homes, UPM and Malaysia.

Written by Cher Jia Dong, Head of Local Buddy, Buddies Association UPM.

Date of Input: 26/09/2018 | Updated: 06/07/2020 | azlida_jamil


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