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Bazar Ramadan: Taste the Malaysian Flavor in One Place

Just like the diversity of its population, Malaysian food is a wonderful mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines prepared in their own unique ways. It is far from exaggeration that Malaysia is known as the heaven for foodies with its varieties of cuisines and exotic flavor that wowed even the well-known Michelin Star Chef, Gordon Ramsay. However, in order to savor the very essence of all the traditional Malaysian cuisines in all its glory, all in one place, there is only one place to go; the Bazaar Ramadan.  

Throughout the long awaited holy month of Ramadan, Bazar Ramadan is open daily from as early as 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm every day for or one whole month during Ramadan. The bazaar, also known as Param (short for Pasar Ramadan) is a yearly favorite among Malaysians.

Making your way to the bazaar to feast on classic and fusion cuisine, indulge in mouth-watering desserts and to wash your thirst away with the refreshingly cool drinks is one of the “to-do-list” for UPM students; both locals or international during the month of Ramadan. The nearest Bazaar Ramadan is available in the Serdang area nearby the campus which is known for their long stretches of food stalls with varieties of food available. Going from one stalls to another and seeing all the different cuisines with mesmerizing smell might make one overwhelmed as to what to try. Here we have compiled some of the best cuisines you can find in bazaar Ramadan because there’s absolutely more to Malaysian cuisines than just teh tarik and nasi lemak. So let’s Param and chill?

1.0 Ayam percik

It is an all-time favorite for bazaar Ramadan goers and one of the most popular cuisine that can be found in any bazaar Ramadan. You will see chicken being grilled almost at any bazaar you go. This dish is famous for a reason though, the chicken, marinated with spices and herbs, grilled on charcoal and dipped with the spicy and creamy ‘percik’ sauce, is an aroma one can’t resist. In the Serdang’s bazaar Ramadan, one stall serves the best Ayam percik. Ayam Percik Dayah is amazingly delicious and this stall is always packed with people, so be prepared to wait in a long queue but trust me, it is worth the wait.

2.0 Murtabak

It is originally an Arabian food but it has been adapted to suit the Malaysian pallet by combining the flavor of Arabian, Malayan and Indian flavors in one dish. It is a thin dough packet that’s stuffed with minced of beef, chicken, egg and fried in oil and it is one of the best meal to kick start your food journey in the bazaar.

3.0 Nasi kerabu

Nasi Kerabu is one of the meals which will captivate you with its vibrant color with its variety of condiments and side dishes in it. You should try and savor the textures and flavors of this fragrant rice meal of east coast staple. Its blue color dyed rice are usually eaten with ulam (herb), sambal budu (sour sauce), coconut floss, salted egg and cracker on the side. It is also a healthy dish that have balanced portion of vegetables and herbs, perfect serving of pretty blue grains and you may add on meats or fish to complete your meal. Malaysian way to enjoy eating nasi kerabu is by mixing all things so that you can taste the crunch from ulam and fish cracker, the sweetness from fish floss, the sour and spicy taste from budu and sambal will send your taste buds into euphoria.

4.0 Soya Cincau

This black and white drink is also known as Michael Jackson drink which simply refers to the color of the drink. It is a real star in bazaar Ramadan for bazaar goers to quench their thirst with having a sip of a mixture of sugar syrup, soy milk and grass jelly.  

While the Holy Month of Ramadan might be the associated with the Muslims practice, Bazar Ramadan on the other hand is universal. It attracts hungry tummies of both Muslims and non-Muslims with their vast selection of delicacies range from desert, snack, drinks, traditional dish and a whole lot more and for a lot of tourist or foreign nationals residing in Malaysia, the bazaar might be the best way for them to taste the exquisite taste of Malaysian Flavor all in one place.


Prepared by: Azlida Jamil

Date of Input: 31/05/2018 | Updated: 31/05/2018 | azlida_jamil


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