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Delving into the research landscape in Germany

Germany, as one of Europe's leading countries for research and development, provides a plethora of opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a doctoral program and research opportunities. A doctoral program in Germany offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive an exceptional education and training in a supportive and collaborative research environment. Germany's renowned universities and research institutions are home to a vast network of professors and scholars who are experts in their fields, providing students eager to learn and innovate with a wealth of knowledge and experience.


In addition to world-class education and research opportunities, Germany offers numerous scholarship programs for doctoral students. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is one of Germany's most prestigious scholarship providers, providing a variety of scholarships to students from all over the world. The DAAD scholarships are highly competitive and provide students with a variety of benefits, including funding for tuition, living expenses, and travel. As part of their Outreach program, the DAAD Regional Office Jakarta, in collaboration with Putra International Centre, organized a seminar to provide more information on the DAAD scholarship opportunities for those interested in pursuing their Doctoral studies and research collaboration with universities in Germany. The program which was held on the 29th March 2023 at Dewan Taklimat Serdang and was joined by 40 postgraduate participants.


The four-hour seminar features presenter such as, Dr Guido Schnieders, the Director for DAAD Regional Office Jakarta, and Dr. Ing. Cheng Yee Low, Lecturer from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). The program was also joined and officiated by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ing. Ir Renuganth Varatharajoo, Professor from the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ing. Ir Renuganth in his opening speech shared some of his experiences with the research landscape in Germany as well as extended his words of encouragement to the participants who might be interested in pursuing their study in Germany or establishing a research collaboration with academic institutes in Germany.



Following the opening speech, the Information session about research in Germany begins with a presentation by Dr Guido Schnieders. During the presentation, Dr Guido introduced the participants to the research landscapes in Germany and the research opportunities available in Germany. He also took the opportunity to introduce some of the funding opportunities available offered by Max Planck Institutes, Helmholtz Association, Leibniz Institute, Fraunhofer, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and many more. The presentation concludes with a Q&A session with the panelist. During the session, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ing. Ir Renuganth also took the opportunity to share with the participants regarding bi-nationally supervised opportunities that are available for UPM students.


The next session features a sharing session by Dr Ing Cheng Yee Low, who shared his experience pursuing his studies in Germany and how the experience aided him in establishing a testbed for the Fraunhofer Model of Applied Research in Malaysia. During his slot, he also provided an in-depth outlook on the Fraunhofer model which involves knowledge transfer through applied research to Industry. The slot also features a Q&A Session with the panel. The program concludes with closing remarks by Dr Guido and a short photography Session with the participants.


In conclusion, the seminar held has managed to pique the interest of the participants and bring awareness to the various types of scholarships offered by DAAD. The session also hopefully was able to inform the participants, of the unique opportunity to receive world-class education and training in a supportive and collaborative environment.

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