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Exploring Mobility Opportunities at your preferred destinations

In a bid to enhance partnerships with UPM partners and explore prospective partners, while encouraging the students of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to pursue international opportunities, the PUTRA International Centre (i-PUTRA) recently organized a mini webinar series titled "Mobility @ Your Preferred Destination."


The first webinar in the series was held in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba, featuring Dr. Nomura Nakao, the Director for the Division of International Exchange Support at the University of Tsukuba, and Ms. Nur Syahirah Syazwani, a UPM student from the Faculty of Agriculture, currently participating in an outbound mobility program at Tsukuba University under the AIMS Mobility Program.


The webinar commenced with an introduction to the inbound mobility opportunities available at UPM, presented by Ms. Nadia Zawani, followed by a Q&A session. Subsequently, an information session on the mobility programs offered at Tsukuba University was conducted, providing valuable insights for interested UPM students. Ms. Nur Syahirah shared her firsthand experience participating in the outbound mobility program at Tsukuba University, enriching the session with personal anecdotes and practical advice.


This mini webinar series will continue to engage with other universities, offering information on inbound mobility opportunities provided by UPM, as well as outbound mobility opportunities offered by partner institutions for UPM students.


Through these webinars, UPM aims to strengthen its existing partnerships and forge new ones, fostering internationalization efforts for the university. By promoting student mobility and facilitating collaboration between UPM and partner institutions, the university strives to provide its students with global exposure, cultural exchange, and invaluable learning experiences.

Date of Input: 29/05/2023 | Updated: 29/05/2023 | sh_najiyah


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