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i-PUTRA First Virtual Mobility Programme 2020


 On 17th December 2020, i-PUTRA has organised our very first inbound Virtual Malay Language and Culture Programme in collaboration with CALC. The programme consists of 8 contact hour’s fun basic learning the Malay Language with greetings, salutations and counting topic. In addition, students also exposed to Malaysian culture through history, fun facts, cuisine, games and dance demonstration by our very own talented UPM Buddies.


Image: The team behind the inbound Virtual Malay Language and Culture Programme


The programme was divided into two session which is Malay Language 101 (conversational, greetings and counting), where students will first exposed with ice breaking session and learn the basic greetings and salutation (formal and informal). The second session is where students get the opportunity to converse with our local Buddies through GET Connected and playing traditional games and dance. The sessions was participated by students from Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh, Turkey, Nigeria and Turkey.


Image: UPM Buddies demonstrate Malay traditional game called Congkak.


Thank you to CALC Language Instructor Mdm Nur Aimie Nabila Fauzi, Mdm Siti Muslihah Isnain and Miss Syaakiratul Hasanah Rossidi (CALC Assistant Registrar), our UPM Buddies Association Aimi, CL and Vikku who has put their creativity in presenting Malaysian culture uniquely and to i-PUTRA Mobility Section team members who has put 110% in making the programme a success.


Image: The mobility team on technical exercise.


This programme is a curtain call to challenging 2020 and hope to collaborate with more PTJ's in UPM in encouraging multicultural exchanges through virtual inbound initiatives programme such as this.


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