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Internationalisation Steadfast Programme: Strength in Unity

Internationalisation Steadfast Programme: Strength in Unity

Since 2016, i-PUTRA have been received and processed more than 12,000 application from international students, expatriate, research attachment and mobility. i-PUTRA have also organised variety of programmes for the international community ranging from educational and cultural trips along with excursions.

Image: Group photo of participating i-PUTRA team members


Image: The participants were divided into 3 team, which are Smurf, Smooth Green and Dynamite. In the image above, Prof. Zainal performing the group cheer for the Dynamite team.


On 3-4 August 2019, we successfully managed an Internationalisation Steadfast programme with the theme; ‘Strength in Unity’ for the i-PUTRA team members.  The programme was initiated to further enhance the teamwork between the i-PUTRA members and to boost the members interpersonal skill. These two-days and one-night programme was held at A’Famosa Resort Melaka and filled with variety of team-building activities such as Forbidden Circle and Crimson Lake. These two activities serve an exercise to test members’ mental, physical and teamwork capability. These activities utilize critical thinking, patience, problem solving and unity in teamwork for its completion.

Image: Crimson Lake, an activity where participants were required to make their own raft.


The program concluded with i-PUTRA Appreciation Night which was attended by the director and deputy director of i-PUTRA, Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin Talib and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noritah Omar. The i-PUTRA Appreciation Night ended with award and certificate giving ceremony along with performance by our talented i-PUTRA staffs.

Image: Lucky draw session


Image: A group photo of i-PUTRA


Hopefully through this program, we will be able to further strengthen our bond as team members in order to serve better and provide excellent services for the international community in UPM.


Prepared by Nadia Zawani Hussin



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