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Killing Two Birds with One Stone In Ankara

On 18th February 2020, i-PUTRA had the opportunity to visit the Malaysian Embassy and sat for a meeting with UPM partner Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University Turkey; this opportunity was in conjunction of i-PUTRA initiative participating in EURIE Summit 2020 in Istanbul.

Yearly, UPM received approximately ten to fifteen Turkish students and send around five to six local students to pursue semester exchange. It is important to visit Malaysian Embassy in Republic of Turkey, as it functions as a platform for a country’s diplomatic mission abroad – referring to all of the political, cultural and social relationships between the states. There would be only an embassy representing a nation in another foreign country, as it is the location where the country’s ambassador works (and sometimes resides).

Image: Mrs. Fairuz Muchtar Bawaze’er and Mr. Mohd Zufli The Second Secretary at Malaysian Embassy in Ankara.

i-PUTRA’s representative Mrs. Fairuz Muchtar Bawaze’er (Head of i-PUTRA) and Ms. Nadia Zawani Hussin (Mobility Executive Officer) are fortunate to be able to meet Mr. Mohd Zufli Che Seman, The Second Secretary of Malaysian Embassy for a short meeting. The exchange of information was conducted particularly on studying/travelling abroad emergencies procedure for Malaysians. The representatives were also updated on current happenings and insights between Malaysia and Turkey.  The meeting was recognized as an important session for i-PUTRA and important remarks are well informed in terms of dealing with urgent cases happening abroad and as well as in Malaysia. UPM was also honoured to share with Mr. Mohd Zufli regarding our mobility programme product, especially our summer programme.

Image: Group photo in front of the embassy

After the fruitful meeting with the embassy in Gaziosmanpaşa, we headed to Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University (AYBU) campus in Çubuk town. In 2019, we received official visit from AYBU Assistant Professor Ahmet Kılınç with the objective to build new networking through MoU, Erasmus+ KA 107 (Scholarship under European Union) and MEVLANA Protocol programme; and this time we honoured to be handing over the complete signed agreement to Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mete Gündoğan himself. This agreement indicates that in few months’ time, UPM students and staff will be able to study and have the Turkish experience in AYBU.

Image: Meeting session with AYBU Vice Rector

Image: Taking picture with AYBU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mete Gündoğan

The meeting was later extended with Mrs. Aycan Gökçek who a lecturer and also the International Relations Officer to further discuss on operational matters in sending our students and staff to AYBU through MEVLANA and ERASMUS+ initiatives. The overall meeting was indeed productive as we received very positive feedbacks and ideas from the university that generally leads to bigger projects.

Image: Group photo with AYBU International Relations officer

Interesting fact: Our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Political Sciences and Public Administration by Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University. The former Prime Minister received the doctorate in recognition and appreciation of his outstanding efforts and dedication to develop Malaysia and also to strengthen Malaysia-Turkey bilateral relationships.



Prepared by Nadia Zawani Hussin

Date of Input: 15/04/2020 | Updated: 06/07/2020 | sitiafiqah


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