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Mobility Students Farewell Ceremony


In a blink of an eye, the first semester of the academic year of 2018/2019 almost come to a close. Which means, for most mobility students, their time in UPM is coming to an end. To appreciate their participation in UPM Mobility program, i-PUTRA once again cordially holds the Mobility Students’ Farewell Ceremony. The program was held on the 14th of December 2018, on the second Friday of the month.

The ceremony this time takes the theme of ‘Batik’. The whole hall was decked with kain Batik as a decoration, while i-PUTRA female staff don a Batik skirts to warmly greet participants. Students was also given a Batik Cloth native to Terengganu as souvenirs; Bunga telur and a greeting card was also given to accompany the Batik.

The joyous event begins with an overwhelming performance of opera singing by our own mobility student, Jiang Shenbao. He was kind enough to sing a medley of 3 different opera song to show three distinct style of opera singing. To share our appreciation towards the mobility students, i-PUTRA was represented by the Acting Director, Assoc. Prof Dr Noritah Omar for an appreciation speech. In her speech, she highlighted the importance of mobility students in the internationalization of Universiti Putra Malaysia.


Students were feast with many desserts that day that commence in a Hi-Tea format. Amidst the abundance of modern dessert, students were also given traditional local desserts that is both sweet and savory. Some of this ‘kuih’ includes Keria and Roti Jala. There were also served the ‘national drink’ Teh Tarik and also Sirap Selasih (Rose cordial with basil seed).

During a ceremony, one mobility student had volunteered to share his experience while in UPM. Mizuki Noda prepared a speech narrating the life he lives in Malaysia. He shares his gratitude to the people that welcome him with open hand. Along with that, the ceremony also includes other performances. Two buddies from Buddies Association UPM with a mobility student, Christopher Schiller, performed in song entitled ‘Cant Stop Falling in Love’. Another performance was from, Zhao Wenyan, a mobility student, and her classmates from the Bachelor of Music program.


Each student was presented with a certificate as a prove of attendance. Each certificate was handed to them personally by the Acting Director of i-PUTRA in a ceremony that is similar to the Convocation ceremony of UPM. The event that was held in Dewan Sri Pulasan, Kolej Keenam ended around 5 PM with a photography session joined by all 130 students that attended and all of the distinguished guests.

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