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Pasar Tani near UPM

Universiti Putra Malaysia is not only impact the life and future of its members. The existence of this university also have and impact towards the local community. Going around residentials area neighbouring the university, you can see that many of these houses are lush green. Residents are actively planting and growing plants for food and also decorative purposes. Another strong example of how UPM influence Serdang is by the existance of a Pasar Tani(Farmers’ Market) nearby.

Pasar Tani in Malaysia is usually a morning market that sells local produce. Here, you can find selections of vegetables, seafood, fruits, plants and etc. However, Pasar Tani in Malaysia does not only sells produce and groceries, you can also find item of clothing, utencils and apliances, and many more intresting items. The Pasar Tani nearby UPM for example offer selection of spices and remedy, bedding and quilts, and of course other item that you can normally find in a Pasar Tani

The nearest Pasar Tani in UPM is located in Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang(MAEPS). The Pasar Tani operated between 7 to 10 A.M every Saturday. Students can take a bus to the Putra Food Court and make your way downhill for an approximate 100 meter hike to reach the Pasar Tani. There, students can spend their time having breakfast. Arrays of famous and of course delicious Malaysian food can be found.

One a of the most intresting shop there is a shop selling homemade remedies. This shop sells soaps, spray and balm that they personally concoted at home. They uses only natural ingredients on their product. Such ingredients includes herbs like Stevia and flowers like hibiscus. One of her soap made from papaya is suitable in maintaining a healthy skin. The soap claims to offer a better complexion, treat acne and also very gentle to the skin.

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