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For those who are applying for UPM and wanted to be in UPM to further your studies,  here are some a little bit of overview on what do you need to know in becoming a first year student:





The first step that students should bare in mind is to make sure before semester intake, they need  to secure college accommodation. The college system in UPM is a quite different compared to other students residents at another universities.There are  all 10 colleges in UPM and basically it was divided by two; Traditional College & Private College. The traditional college consist of Tun. Dr Ismail College (KTDI), Canselor College (KC), Sultan Aleddin Suleiman Shah College (KOSAS), Pendeta Za’aba College (KP), 10th College,13th College and  College 17th. 17th College is also known as Medical College and its only for medical student, nursing and veterinar.  


While Private College is also known as College serumpun and they consist of  college 12, 13, 14,. It is called college serumpun because all the block college is in the same area and it is the most high density in UPM. Serumpun in English is allied. Usually College serumpun is relatively cheaper than other colleges.


The rooms can be one room with two person, one room with four person or one room only one person. The only student need to bring is their own pillow, towel, and pail.






The official transportation ìn UPM is by bus. Every travelling mode of transportation is bus either going to faculty, lecture halls, or going out. Do not forget to bring the student Card along or  you won’t be allowed to get in. To go to the public transportation, a student must ride bus from UPM to KTM or MRT. UPM bus only available until 11pm.



UPM has started it Green Campus campaign since 2014 that covered cycling within the campus and special paths were made for students who want to cycle to class. Bicycles are not provided but student can buy it cheaper than its normal price with your rebate that can reach up to RM300.



To drive a car or ride a bike or wanted to bring own vehicles, a student is only eligible to apply the stickers starting from third year.






UPM cafe has many Malaysian standard lunch food from Nasi ayam to ayam berempah. The standard for lunch in UPM cafeteria is RM6. It may be expensive for some but due to current economic situation, it is still acceptable.



The internet facilities in UPM called uSpot. uSpot can be accessed at whole campus, food court, library, and hostels. The internet facilities maybe slow due to high volume of users but students may have other option such as subscribing to personal data from local telecommunication company.



There are many activities that students can join such as traditional dances, archery, equestarian, golfing, fishing, social service and cadet activities. Undergraduate students need to have enough cocuriculum credit to graduate from the university.


Although studying in UPM can be confusing at first, but it is a great opportunity to explore new environment, culture and to have that college experience. In UPM, we called the orientation week as Minggu Perkasa Putra and it is highly recommended for new students to attend orientation week as it is important for new students to understand the university as it may get confusing for some.



Prepared by:
Ras Afirina Mohd Radzi
(Global Engagement Section)

Date of Input: 31/07/2022 | Updated: 01/08/2022 | sitiafiqah


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