Thank you Malaysia for having the most public holiday in Asia country. Now, it is time for you to get out of the college dome and head for a short getaway. Ample of time but lack of finance are the main pros and cons of students to travel. In this article, will be giving you top tips for travelling on a budget.



1.   Read all the reviews

It is crucial for one to read reviews on Google, Agoda, Trip Advisor and other sites to equip yourself with proper knowledge before travelling. Some reviews may include tips and tricks that can be useful during a trip such as wifi passwords or places to go.


2.   Ask locals for knowledge

If you have a friend who lives nearby to the touristic area, it is good to ask them for knowledge about the place, what to expect and what not to expect. It is also a part of learning the local culture. Do also ask about the best time to travel to avoid the crowds.


3.   Book the transportation, accommodation and entertainment individually

It is much cheaper to book separately than to buy a whole tour package. Sometimes the whole package tour is only a matter of convenience, not economical for someone that is trying to save. Often, you will find savings in making these arrangements yourself and you can use the save up money on souvenirs.


4.   Buy things that you need in advance

Toiletteries, supplements and sunscreen can be more expensive at the destination. Consider buying the essentials at your local store and stock up before leaving home. The aircraft only permits liquid products on certain millimetres so transferring from big size bottle to a travel-friendly bottle will be worth it.


5.   Research and shop around

It are worth checking prices across various outlets online. Be sure to be on incognito mode. Google price should be utilised because the price changes from time to time. Check Google Price based on accommodation or transportation for the best deal.  It is worth that noting that Sundays are usually the cheapest times to book flights but depending on the destination and airline.


6.   Try to book an apartment with kitchen facilities

Shop at local groceries stores for daily meal and cook at apartment with kitchen facilities. You might find yourself interested in eating out but cooking own meals is way to go for budget travelling.


7.   Have travel insurance in hand with a travel agent on speed dial

It’s important to buy travel insurance as soon as you book, just in case you need to cancel your trip. Your policy will also cover the cost of emergency medical treatment, and give you financial protection against loss or theft of your baggage and belongings.  Crucially, you can tailor your policy to suit your destination and the type of holiday you’re planning.



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