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UPM AIMS Scholarship of 2021/2022 Kick Off Meeting

UPM AIMS Scholarship of 2021/2022 Kick Off Meeting


With new hope and careful plans for mobility during the era of pandemic, today’s (15 April 2021) PUTRA International Centre (i-PUTRA) kick off its first Asian International Mobility for Students (AIMS) 2021/2022 scholarship programme meeting with UPM AIMS field members.


In the meeting, i-PUTRA shares insights on optimising AIMS scholarships allocation for 34 future receiver; to undergo outbound mobility programme to 9 Asian countries in September 2021. In the same time discussing on AIMS virtual exchange programme and to plan for a dedicated webinar to boost awareness about the scholarship opportunity among local undergraduate students.



Image : Prof. Dr. Suhaimi AB Rahman shares insights on AIMS introduction and way forward


AIMS is an exclusive programme under the umbrella of Malaysian Higher Education through 10 selected Malaysia’s public university members in collaboration between Asian region government. Each selected university offers 4 types of field chosen by the Ministry of Higher Education to  be offered to G2G university members such as Agriculture, Forestry & Environment, Business & Management and also Food Technology and Science.


AIMS Programme is a SEAMEO RIHED’s regional initiative to support the mobility of students and enhance cooperation in higher education among countries in Asia. Connecting governments, universities and students, the AIMS Programme provides a multilateral platform for academic exchange and collaboration to strengthen regional integration and community building. It provides students with opportunities to study abroad within selected disciplines and advance their learning and intercultural skills as confident global citizens.



Image: Members of the meeting.


The fruitful morning meeting was chaired by i-PUTRA’s Director Prof. Dr. Suhaimi AB Talib and later continued with AIMS slides presentation presented by Miss Nadia Zawani Hussin, The Head of Mobility and also joined by Mrs. Noraihan Nordin, The Head of Administration of i-PUTRA and Miss Hajar Najiyah Mohd Pauzi, the Outbound Administrator.


Invited to the meeting is UPM's AIMS mobility coordinator; Dr. Norakmar Abdul Aziz (Senior lecturer, Faculty of Forestry and Environment), Ms. Fahezah Nor Mohamed (Senior Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Agriculture), Mrs. Dalina Kamaruddin (Senior, Assistant Registrar, School of Business and Economics) and Mr. Ruzaini Tamin (Senior Administrative Assistant).


With this in mind, we would like to thank the faculty members for attending the meeting and working hand in hand with i-PUTRA in ensuring the AIMS UPM mobility programme success through the years.


Prepared by

Nadia Zawani Hussin

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