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Welcoming i-PUTRA New Members and Internal Restructuring  2023 


With New Year’s resolution time coming around again, i-PUTRA took this opportunity to reflect and look back at the achievements and milestones achieved as an organization. To rekindle the spirit of efficiency and revitalize the desire for knowledge and innovation, i-PUTRA underwent a major internal restructuring involving seven staff members. Two staff from the Mobility Section, one staff from the Global Engagement Section, and four staff from the Visa and pass section were involved in the internal reshuffle. The structural reform aims to provide the staff with the opportunity to venture outside their expertise and to challenge them to step out of their comfort zone. Hopefully, through this effort, the staffs involved in the restructuring will be able to provide a fresh new outlook and insight to further improve the service provided by i-PUTRA 

In addition to the internal cross-section restructuring, i-PUTRA also welcomes two additional staff members as part of the i-PUTRA Family. These two staff, Mr Mohamad Iskandar and Mr. Alif Imran joined the organization on the 3rd of January 2023 and 16th of January 2023 respectively and began their service at i-PUTRA as the Visa Officer at the Visa and pass section. 

It is with great hope that through the internal reshuffle, i-PUTRA will be able to further improve the service provided to its client and at the same time support the university’s internationalization efforts.  

Date of Input: 28/01/2023 | Updated: 28/01/2023 | sh_najiyah


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