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[CLOSED] K-STEP 2023 -2024



The Kokugakuin Short-Term Exchange Program (K-STEP) 2023/2024 intake is now open for application. The information on the program can be found below.



1.    What is Kokugakuin Short-Term Exchange Program (K-STEP) 2023/2024 Program?

       Kokugakuin Short-term Exchange Program (K-STEP) is pre-packaged program with a duration of 6-Months / One Year Special Program in Japanese Language and Culture/Society.



2.    Grant Target Candidate:

       2 Undergraduate UPM Students



3.    Scholarship Information:

      There are two possible scholarship offered in this program which are the Kokugakuin Scholarship and the JASSO Scholarship. The Kokugakuin scholarship is provided
the Kokugakuin University while the JASSO Scholarship is provided by the Japanese Goverment. However, it can't be guaranteed that the JASSO Scholarship can be provided for the program.
      If the selected candidates were unable to receive the JASSO Scholarship, they could be considered to receive the Kokugakuin Scholarship

       A.    JASSO Scholarship : 80,000 JPY / Month

       B.    Kokugakuin Scholarship : 20,000 JPY / Month, Accommodation, and Meals on weekdays.


4.    Program Duration :

        1 Semester : Fall Semester 2023 (September 2023 - February 2024)
        2 Semester : Fall Semester 2023 - Spring Semester 2024 (September 2023 - August 2024)

5.    Field of Study Offered:

 Japanese Language Studies 


6.    Application Period: 

 Application Deadline to i-PUTRA                        : 10/2/2023 (Friday)

 Internal Evaluation by PTJ (UPM)                      : 13/2/2023 – 24/2/2023

 Application Deadline to Kokugakuin University : 30/03/2023 (Thursday)



7.    Eligibility Requirement for student mobility: 

       I.   Minimum CGPA requirement is 3.00/4.00.
      II.   Candidates must have completed at least one year Studies in UPM are not in their final semester.
      III.  Candidates must be studying full-time in UPM in order to be considered.
      IV.  Candidates must have completed at least one year of Formal Japanese Language Studies. Students who have completed at least LPJ2102 - Basic Japanese Language 2
            offered by CALC UPM can be considered to satisfy this requirement

8.    Application Procedure for Student Mobility: 

1. Complete the following forms (Downloadable here):

A. Curriculum Vitae 

B. Language Proficiency Self Assessment Sheet


2.  Submit your application to i-PUTRA via Google Form. Please upload the following
     documents into the google form by the deadline set.

    1. Academic Transcript (in English)
    2. Passport Detail Page
    3. Proof of English Language Proficiency
    4. Curriculum Vitae
    5. Language Proficiency Self Assesment Sheet

3.  Candidates will be evaluated accordingly. The successful candidate will be informed
     through email regarding online application for the program.

4.  Should you require assistance in filling in the forms, feel free to contact Ms. Hajar,
    our officer via email at sh_najiyah@upm.edu.my



9.    Disclaimer:

 Candidates nominated to Kokugakuin University will be evaluated by the host university upon application
 submission. Please take note that a nomination does not guarantee scholarship to be granted to the candidates.

10.    References and other information:

         K-STEP 2023-2024 Program Information : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17sA9b37QARvvgNeaM_oWIh0xN-9Qzxwm?usp=sharing

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