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A Vital Discourse: Cultivating a Culture of Integrity

In an era where ethics and values form the bedrock of reputable institutions, the significance of integrity cannot be overstated. On the 25th of August 2023, this importance was once again brought to the forefront as the director of PUTRA International Centre (i-PUTRA), Prof. Dr. Suhaimi AB Rahman, addressed the staff to reiterate the critical role that integrity plays within the institution.

The talk opened with a general update on the institution's ongoing commitment to upholding ethical standards and the broader context of integrity in today's world. Prof. Dr. Suhaimi also seized the opportunity to emphasize the institution's stance on integrity during this session.

The discourse delved into the core principle of integrity and its far-reaching implications. . Prof. Dr. Suhaimi drove home the point that integrity is not merely a buzzword but an integral aspect of the institution's functioning by linking real-world consequences to theoretical concepts.

Beginning with a clear definition of the concept, the talk peeled back the layers of integrity, revealing its multifaceted nature. The director underscored that the institution's strength is intricately linked to the ethical conduct of its staff. The staff's choices and actions, guided by integrity, collectively determine the institution's reputation and standing.

Three core principles of integrity were highlighted during the discussion: the Principle of Shariah (ethical and moral guidelines), Sincerity, and Commitment (approaching work with dedication and passion). These principles, when integrated into everyday practices, cultivate a culture of integrity that permeates all aspects of the institution.

A vital takeaway from the session was that integrity starts with oneself. The director stressed that individuals must hold themselves accountable and demonstrate personal integrity before expecting it from others. This self-awareness and commitment are foundational to fostering an environment of trust and ethical conduct.

In conclusion, the director's address serves as a reminder that integrity is not a mere ideal but a cornerstone upon which institutions thrive. By weaving the discourse around practical examples and fundamental principles, the institution is reinforcing its dedication to nurturing a culture of integrity that resonates within its staff and, ultimately, in the institution's reputation.




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