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Celebrating Transitions: A Farewell Gathering for i-PUTRA Former Colleagues

In a heartfelt gathering at Richiamo, UPM, colleagues bid farewell to two esteemed members of the i-PUTRA family. The event, held in 4 January 2024, honored Madam Noraihan Noordin, former head of i-PUTRA who transitioned to a new role as the head of the Student Affairs Division, and Ms. Nadia Zawani Hussin, former Head of the Mobility Section, who undertook a different post Hospital Sultan Abd Aziz Shah in December 2023 and January 2024, respectively.

Organized by KKWiP, the farewell gathering commenced with heartfelt speeches from Madam Noraihan and Ms Nadia, reflecting on their journey at i-PUTRA and sharing their aspirations for the organization's future. Their words resonated with fond memories and a shared commitment to excellence.

Subsequently, the Director delivered remarks, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of the departing leaders and expressing gratitude for their dedication and leadership.

The highlight of the event was a touching gift-giving ceremony, symbolizing appreciation for Madam Noraihan and Ms Nadia's outstanding service and unwavering commitment. The gesture underscored the profound impact they had on i-PUTRA and its community.

As the evening drew to a close, colleagues gathered for a brief yet meaningful photo session, capturing cherished moments and camaraderie.

With heartfelt well-wishes and expressions of gratitude, colleagues bid farewell to Madam Noraihan and Ms Nadia, wishing them every success in their future endeavors. Their departure marks the end of an era at i-PUTRA, yet their legacy of dedication, professionalism, and leadership will continue to inspire and guide the organization forward. All the best to both of them in their new roles and adventures ahead.


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