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Fostering Global Perspectives: UPM and KYUTECH's Capacity Development Program for Non-academic Staffs

In a celebration of nearly twenty years of collaboration between Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Kyushu Institute of Technology (KYUTECH), a groundbreaking initiative, the Capacity Development Program (CDP), has been launched. This program aims to cultivate a global mindset among non-academic staff members, recognizing the significance of a global outlook in both students and staff.


The CDP serves as a platform offering staff from both institutions an invaluable opportunity to enhance their global perspectives through a staff attachment program. As a pilot for this innovative venture, the International Affairs Division and the PUTRA International Centre (i-PUTRA) collaborated to initiate the staff exchange program at each respective institution.


The program commenced with UPM extending a warm welcome to Mrs. Michie Fujimoto from the International Relations Section, International Affairs Division at KYUTECH (Tobata Campus) as part of the Inbound CDP program. From the 22nd to the 26th of November 2023, Mrs. Fujimoto participated in a series of workshops and cultural excursions. These workshops included an introduction to UPM's Quality Management System, particularly its QMS ISO 9001 certification. Additionally, the program shed light on the pivotal role of the PUTRA International Centre in bolstering UPM's internationalization efforts, particularly through student mobility initiatives.


Beyond workshops, Mrs. Fujimoto was also introduced to the colorful Malaysia's cultural tapestry through visits to the Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTic), the administrative capital of Putrajaya, and the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, the Historical City of Melaka. Her visit concluded with the UPM's 47th convocation ceremony on November 25th, 2023 followed by a trip to the central market, Kuala Lumpur via public transportation.


Continuing the momentum, UPM reciprocated by sending two staff members from i-PUTRA to KYUTECH (Tobata Campus) for an outbound staff exchange under the CDP. This outbound program, hosted from the 18th to the 23rd of December 2023 at KYUTECH's Main Campus, involved Madam Ida Suhaila Md Tahir, the Section Head from Global Engagement Section at i-PUTRA, and Ms. Siti Hajar, the Global Relations Officer from the same section.


Their program encompassed a campus tour, job shadowing at the KYUTECH Co-working Space (GYMLABO), discussions on managing international partnerships and student mobility programs, and engaging in cultural activities with high school students. The visit culminated with a presentation by the i-PUTRA staff, concluding the program on a positive note. Hopefully through this pilot program, it would paves the way for future iterations to nurture the global perspective for non-academic staff, further enriching the bond between UPM and KYUTECH for years to come.

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