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Gearing up for New International Students Welcoming Programme (NISWP)

NISWP is an acronym for New International Students Welcoming Programme. A vital programme to meet and greet UPM new students and also a platform to introduce them to our university and Malaysia. For the upcoming 2018 September semester, i-PUTRA, with the assistance from UPM Buddies, will be expecting more than 200 mobility and 150 new full-time students that will embark their 1-2 semester Putra Experience.

UPM Buddies has started recruiting new members for the organization with 10 additional new members to further help them in assisting the upcoming students. Students coming from various country from all over the world such as Austria, Australia, Brunei, China, France, Finland, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, Japan, Iran, Thailand and many more are expected to arrive in Malaysia from the first two weeks of September.


Moving to a completely different place without the safety net of having family nearby can cause great anxiety for students. Thus, i-PUTRA and UPM Buddies team work together to provide students with information about necessary information such as the physical locations of different student services and what they can expect from dorm life from NISWP to ease their anxiety of being away from home as the International students are making one of the biggest transitions of their lives by leaving home and starting life as student abroad.

Beside NISWP, numbers of programme have been laid out for the students such as the university orientation (NISWP), trips to Bazar Persatuan UPM, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur city tours. On top of that International Community Support Services section (ICSS) and UPM Buddies will hold a monthly programme for international students varied from tour, culture, animal rehabilitations, recreational to historical activities and we believed it’s going to be an exciting and dense programmed!


Through these programmes, i-PUTRA hopes that students will enjoy their time in Malaysia to the fullest and explore the diversity of our country. We are also excited to receive their arrival soon! :D


Prepared by: Nadia Zawani Hussin

Date of Input: 01/08/2018 | Updated: 06/07/2020 | azlida_jamil


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