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New Section in i-PUTRA : International Community Support Services


Life is an adventure. It might not be the same kind of adventure that Lara Croft, James bond or even Dora go through; or even the kind of adventure you wish you were in, but life on its own is an adventure. You might not get involved fighting a super nihilistic dude with some fancy gloves that can destroy humanity because to him apparently there are too many people living in it, but living your own life beyond fiction, beyond your daily life itself is a one of a kind adventure. The moment you enrol to a university as an international student; although it is not Hogwarts, marks the start of your adventure. Venturing into a new place where the language, the nuance behind the language, the culture, the religion, and the political stance etcetera differs greatly from what you are used to. If this is your first adventure, do not be scared. You have made a great decision. You are writing a brand new chapter in your life (and in your resume), and to help you get through the adventure without any hitch, a guide is needed; in this case, it’s the International Community Support Services (ICSS).


Now, imagine life as an MMORPG game, let’s take Final Fantasy Awakening for example, when you first started the game, you will be accompanied by a guide, named Kupoo. And here in UPM, your guide will be the International Community Support Services (ICSS). The name explains itself. If you have any questions regarding accommodations, medical, adapting to life in Malaysia and etcetera, ICSS is the section that is responsible to help you with all your questions and worries.

ICSS is a section created by the Putra International Centre (i-PUTRA) in order to facilitate international student to better adapt to life here in Malaysia. Their main goals? Helping the international students adapt, providing support and advices whenever needed and bringing the international community closer to the locals.

Being in a new environment in the beginning is not often a walk in the park and this is where ICSS plays its role to help you enjoy your walk in the park you have just ventured in.

Prepared by Siti Hajar Najiyah

Date of Input: 01/08/2018 | Updated: 03/08/2018 | azlida_jamil


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